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After Decades of Opposition, Controversial Hong Kong Security Law set to Pass | DW News (29 February, 2024)



2024. China Global Podcast: Article 23: Implications for Hong Kong. The German Marshall Fund, April 16.

2024. Barefoot Lawyer Reports: Eric Lai Discusses Religious Freedom in Hong Kong. Catholic University of America Center for Human Rights. April 17.

2024. Barefoot Lawyer Reports: Eric Lai Discusses Hong Kong's National Security Law. Catholic University of America Center for Human Rights.  April 11.

2024. 燦爛時光會客室:香港基本法23條通過!還能在夾縫中抵抗?專訪黎恩灝。公民行動,4月7 日。

2024. 兩岸ING:香港基本法23條立法 中國馴服法治再出手。Rti 中央廣播電臺,2月2日。

2023. Hong Kong - Is the Shine Coming Off The Pearl Of The Orient? The Why Curve, March 2. 

2022. China Podcast: Hong Kong's new Chief Executive, with Eric Lai and Valarie Tan. MERICS, May 13. 


2024. National Security, Human Rights and Religious Freedom in Authoritarian Regimes: The Case of Hong Kong , Catholic University of America, Washington DC. 

2023. 招待講演:香港における法と裁判所の権威主義化:その起源、過程、反応について(Autocratization of Law and Courts in Hong Kong: Origin, Process and Response)University of Tokyo,Tokyo.


2023. Legal Resistance under the Shadow of Authoritarianism: The Politics of Rule of Law in Post-Umbrella Hong Kong" Keynote speaker, Academia Sinica, Taipei.

2022. "Hong Kong's Human Rights Melt Down" Discussant, King's College London Transnational Law Institute, London. 

2021. “Hong Kong, China and the International Community” Panellist, Cambridge University Hong Kong & China Affairs Society, St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge. 

2021. “The Critical Room: Is the Fight for Democracy in Hong Kong Over? Post-screening Panel Discussion of When A City Rises” Panellist, Film fra Sør (Film from the South), Oslo. 


2021. “COVID-19, Autocratisation and Geopolitical Instability: Electoral challenges and Democratic Backsliding in East Asia” Panellist, 5th Asian Electoral Stakeholders Forum, Bangkok. 

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