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Journal Articles and Book Chapters


Yan-ho Lai. 2023. "Authoritarian Crackdown Without Bloodshed: China’s Securitization in Post-NSL Hong Kong" in Wei-chin Lee (ed) Protests, Pandemic, and Security Predicaments: Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and the US in the 2020s, Palgrave MacMillan, pp.75-117.

Yan-ho Lai. 2023. "Securitisation or Autocratisation? Hong Kong’s Rule of Law under the Shadow of China’ Authoritarian Governance". Journal of Asian and African Studies, vol. 58 (1), pp.8-25.

Yan-ho Lai & Thomas E. Kellogg. 2022. “Departure from International Human Rights Law and Comparative Best Practice: HKSAR v Tong Ying Kit” Hong Kong Law Journal, Vol. 52, Part 2, pp.466-486. 

Yan-ho Lai. 2022. “A ‘Leader-full’ Movement Under Authoritarianism: Mobilization Networks in Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Movement” in Anthony Spires and Akihiro Ogawa (eds), Authoritarianism and Civil Society in Asia. Routledge, Chapter 1.

Yan-ho Lai and Ming Sing. 2020. “Solidarity and Implications of a Leaderless Movement: Its Strengths and Limitations” Communist and Post-communist Studies, Vol. 53, No.4, pp.41-67.


Yan-ho Lai. 2020. “Discernment of Spirits and Pastoral Circle in Social Movement: A Theological Reflection on Hong Kong’s Anti-extradition Movement” Hong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies Vol.11, pp.138-191.


Yan-ho Lai. 2019. “Lady Justice or The Golden Calf? The ‘China Factor’ in Hong Kong’s Legal System” Social Transformation of Chinese Societies, 15:2, pp. 178-96.


Yan-ho Lai. 2015. “Building Heavenly Kingdom on Earth: The Roman Catholic Church and Deepening Democracy in Brazil and South Korea” Hong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies Vol. 6, pp.173-205.


Yan-ho Lai. 2014. “Pope Francis and Justice” (In Chinese) Shensi (神思) 102.


Yan-ho Lai. 2013. “Systematic Violations of Right to Freedom of Assembly: A Case Study of Hong Kong” Justitia Omnibus (The Journal of LSESU Amnesty International Society), 3:1.


2021. 破解香港的威權法治: 傘後與反送中以來的民主運動 [Unravelling Authoritarian Rule of Law in Hong Kong: A Recollection of Post-Umbrella Hong Kong]. Taiwan: Xin-Rui Culture and Creation. (In Traditional Chinese)



2022. Tracking the Impact of Hong Kong’s National Security Law (Database of Hong Kong National Security Deparment’s Arrests and Prosecutions since 2020). Published in ChinaFile, 5 April (with Lydia Wong and Thomas E. Kellogg). Available at:

Policy Publications

2023. The Hong Kong 2019 Protest Movement: A Data Analysis of Arrests and Prosecutions. Washington DC: Center for Asian Law, Georgetown University. (with Jun Chan and Thomas E. Kellogg) 

2021. The Tong Ying-kit NSL Verdict: An International and Comparative Law Analysis (A GCAL Briefing Paper). Washington DC: Center for Asian Law, Georgetown University. (with Thomas E. Kellogg)


2021. Hong Kong’s National Security Law and the Rights to A Fair Trial (A GCAL Briefing Paper). Washington DC: Center for Asian Law, Georgetown University. (with Thomas E. Kellogg and Lydia Wong)

2022. “Re-shaping the "Rule of Law" Identity: Hong Kong under China's Securitisation” Hong Kong Studies Association Annual Conference. London: University of Westminster & Guildford: The University of Surrey


2022.“Autocratisation of the Rule of Law: The Autocratic Manual of Hong Kong's National Security Regime” Political Studies Association Annual International Conference. York: University of York (Online)

2021. “Authoritarian Legal Transplant and Judicial Independence in Sub-national Governance: The Case of Hong Kong” International Society of Public Law Conference 2021. (Online Meeting), 9th July 2021. 


2021. “Comprador Professionalism and Confrontational Professionalism: Lessons from Post-Umbrella Hong Kong” International Society of Public Law Conference 2021. (Online Meeting),  8th July 2021.

2021. “Solidarity and Resilience of Hong Kong's Anti-authoritarian Movement: Lessons and Prospects” The May 18 Uprising Seoul Memorial Society 41st Anniversary Conference: After 5.18: Social Movements and Political Thoughts. Seoul: Yonsei University. Download Conference Paper (pp.69-86)

2020. “Understanding the Movement Culture and Legal Culture in Christian Activism: the Case of Anti-extradition Protest in Hong Kong” Paper to be presented at Rapid Religious Cultural Change Conference 2020. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University (Virtual Meeting under COVID-19 arrangement), 23rd - 31st October 2020.


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